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How to play logic games online

Here is a quick guide, which will introduce you to the wonderful world of MahjongTitans.Org games.

First, you have to select a game category from the Homepage.
Second: select a game from that category.

Now you have to wait a few seconds in order to allow the flash game to load in your browser. After this, you are ready to play!
That was simple, now let's move on to more serious matters.

Rules are specific to each game

Each game comes with it's own set of instructions. Make sure you check in the game screen one of the following buttons: Help, Info, Keys, Instruction, How to play.
Now remember, we are here to have fun, not to learn too much stuf. So, don't worry, most of the games are self explanatory.


Here is the main idea: Logic Games are easy and fun to play at any age!

Ready for action? Click here to go to the home page and start by choosing a game category.

Play games in your browser

You don't need to sign up, you don't have to download anything: all games are accessible right now in your browser.
The logic games are compatible with browsers that support Adobe Flash plugin or JavaScript: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari.
Free Online Games: the access to this website and the games included is 100% free.
Desktop or mobile: the choice is yours. Starting with 2022 the games can be played on most devices. Have fun using your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

How to play the online games?

Step 1 -> On Website Homepage - Click on the category name. After this you will see a list with games in your browser.
Step 2 -> Click on the game title or the thumbnail image.
Step 3 -> Read instructions in the play screen and start the game.

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